Kongsberg Satellite Services AS (KSAT) is a commercial Norwegian company, uniquely positioned to provide ground station and earth observation services for polar orbiting satellites. KSAT's network consists of over 70 antennas optimally positioned for access to polar and geostationary orbits at three interconnected polar ground stations; Tromsø at 69°N, Svalbard (SvalSat) at 78°N and the Antarctic TrollSat Station at 72° as well as a mid-latitude network of stations in South Africa, Dubai, Singapore and Mauritius.

The pole-to-pole concept guarantees fast and cost-efficient access to the satellites twice per orbit and is supported by highly trained staff on a 24/7 basis. Our Norwegian heritage and 200 years of engineering excellence assures high proficiency and world-class security.

KSAT is also the world-leading company for maritime monitoring and surveillance services using data from several radar and optical sources. KSAT is offering unbiased multi-mission near-realtime services providing accurate information to oil and gas and government customers based on satellite imagery within less than 20 minutes.

The combination of KSAT ground stations and service offerings is unmatched worldwide.

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