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In the spring of 2007 KSAT opened the TrollSat at 72°S 2°E in Antarctica. The addition of a new ground station strongly enhances the capabilities of the KSAT global ground station network. We are now able to provide a unique pole-to-pole concept to our customers through state-of-the-art multi-mission antenna systems on both poles.

This concept enables satellite owners to contact their satellites through the KSAT network twice on every orbit. From Svalbard and Antarctica, satellites can be accessed through regular intervals of about 40 minutes. This enables KSAT to provide download frequency to 26 times per day per satellite.

The pole-to-pole concept provides the customer and satellite owner with data that is more up-to-date. The potential of accessing larger amounts of data is utilized by the satellite owners due to the increased demands from end users of rapid access to data. Imagery can be downloaded and sent to the end user faster than any other ground station network.
KSAT’s integrated network operations centre (TNOC) is remotely controlling the TrollSat station together with the global ground station network. Scheduling, in-orbit support and communication links are handled through TNOC, while corrective engineering operations and preventive maintenance is handled by staff on-site year-round.

The TrollSat ground station is ideal for LEOP, TT&C and data dump services. TrollSat provides S- and X-band support from 7.3 meter systems and communication via geostationary satellites and two independent earth terminals. The communication terminals provide narrow- and broadband communication between Antarctica and Europe/US tailored to the user’s needs. The station is equipped with a complete backend/frontend system for TT&C operations. KSAT also has the ability to support onsite integration of mission specific TT&C equipment as defined by the user.

TrollSat is located on solid ground, 300km from the ice edge. The ground station is located at the research station run by the Norwegian Polar Institute. Antarctica is the coldest and driest continent on earth, 99% covered by an ice cap with an average height above sea level of approx. 2,500 meters. The inland location assures relatively stable climate and good weather conditions, in relation to more coastal stations.

Currently, KSAT is in the process of expanding our antenna capacity due to increased demands from our customers. This will ensure an even more cost-efficient solution. Our customers truly value the uniqueness of our infrastructure and the services that is being provided.

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