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The Launch phase starts with the lift-off of the rocket and lasts until the separation of the payload from the launch vehicle.

The aim of this operation is to position the satellite safely in the correct orbit and to prepare for a successful Launch and Early Orbit Phase (LEOP) operation.

The LEOP starts with the satellite separating from the launch vehicle and lasts until the point when the satellite is safely positioned in its nominal orbit.

The operations during Launch and LEOP are among the most critical of a mission. For a spacecraft operator it is desirable to maintain as frequent contact as possible with the spacecraft during these phases.

KSAT has been supporting a long list of Launch and LEOP activities for a variety of customers. KSAT has proven its ability to provide successful Launch and LEOP support, and has a track record of 100% success. KSAT is a reliable and trustworthy partner providing a cost-efficient solution. Our SvalSat location is extremely useful to track and follow your satellite through all-orbit-support (14 of 14 orbits).

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