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Innovative, cost-efficient satellite programs now have access to an equally innovative, flexible and cost-optimized ground station service – KSATlite – developed for the rapidly emerging smallsat market. Offering significantly reduced service prices, KSATlite retains the market leading characteristics of the KSAT ground station network

  • Unequalled geographical locations for polar orbits, enabling 26 out of 28 possible passes per 24 hours from only two ground stations; Arctic Svalbard station and Antarctic Troll station.

  • Mid-latitude sites for low-inclination orbits and extremely low latency polar orbit downloads

  • Optical fiber data backhaul from all sites, except Antarctica (Troll) which uses a high-capacity GEO satellite link

  • Highly automated operations through the KSAT Tromsø Network Operations Center (TNOC)

Attractive pricing while maintaining high quality: KSATlite antennas are deployed at existing KSAT sites, reusing the rugged infrastructure and 24/7-operational concept. Customer interfaces, centralized through the Tromsø TNOC, are handled by friendly and efficient staff, facilitating the excellent customer relation which has become our trademark. Read more in KSATlite PDF.

Contact us: ksatlite[a]

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