Share: Ice edge warning and operational ice management and route planning

The arctic is an increasingly attractive location for a wide variety of industries - from seismic vessels investigating the hydrocarbon potential of new regions to global freighters exploring newly feasible routes and pleasure cruises bringing tourists ever further into our beautiful home. Polar ecosystems are particularly delicate so as oil and gas exploration and production ramps up, so too must proactive monitoring of oil spills, and ice movements.

KSAT is an organization built around speed. Everything from our infrastructure to our human resourcing is aligned with the intention of getting information to our clients as fast as possible. In keeping with this focus, one of KSAT’s service offerings is a rapid delineation of the edge between sea ice and open water. 

Available in near real time, this information is delivered in very small geo-referenced files suitable for delivery to vessels in low-bandwidth conditions – letting them know within minutes exactly where the ice has moved rapidly across areas thousands of square kilometers in size. 

Due to the latitude KSAT can offer extremely high coverage frequency and rapid delivery in the High North.

Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) imagery is used for operational ice management purposes during drilling activity, seismic activity and can also be used for finding leads within the ice, avoiding areas of heavy ice to save time and ensure a safe journey.  

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