KSAT is the global leader in providing ground station network services including Telemetry, Tracking and Commanding (TT&C) and Data Acquisition services, with experience all the way back to 1967. With a large number of sites and antennas available, KSAT provides the very high reliability that is needed for critical support of satellite operations.

In total, the KSAT antenna park consists of more than 140 antennas located worldwide. KSAT is providing a global ground station network consisting of both polar and mid-latitude stations as illustrated above.

Three of the KSAT owned and operated polar ground stations consist of the Arctic Tromsø (69°N), the High-Arctic Svalbard Ground Station, Svalsat (78°N) and the Antarctic TrollSat station (72°S). These stations comprise a truly unique Pole-to-Pole capability providing customers with cost-effective coverage.

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In addition to the polar ground stations, KSAT owns and operates mid-latitude ground stations. The KSAT network includes a long list of partner sites provided through well established partnerships around the world. KSAT has developed a unique concept for operations of the ground stations, with excellent reliability and proficiency. The complete KSAT network is operated as one single interconnected network out of the Tromsø Network Operations Centre (TNOC). TNOC performs remote control of the KSAT ground stations and provides the customers with one single point of contact to global coverage.
This is the perfect solution for satellite owners and operators with exceptional demands on rapid data acquisition and frequent satellite contact.

With this global interconnected network of state-of-the-art multi-mission facilities, decades of experience and a track record demonstrating constant dedication on quality and customer satisfaction, KSAT is the very leading Ground Network Service provider anywhere and everywhere.

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