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Sentinel-1 (c) ESA
KSAT has supplied sophisticated Earth Observation Services dating back to the 1990s. We use the most extensive virtual constellation of commercial satellites to provide imagery from anywhere on the globe in Near Real-Time (NRT) – we call this our Multi-Mission Services.

By leveraging our unique ground station network, we can deliver satellite imagery and derived products with the fastest available delivery times.


We have broad experience with the use of satellite data for operational monitoring. We are using all available SAR satellites, in combination with electro-optical imagery, as a virtual constellation. This ensures that we can optimally meet our customers’ requirements concerning coverage, resolution, monitoring frequency for new imagery collections. We can also access the widest array of archival imagery.

Our highly qualified image analysts operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and are always ready to respond to customer requests.

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KSAT has provided satellite based oil slick detection for more than 20 years. Detecting pollution as early as possible, reducing both cleanup cost and environmental impact, is the primary objective of the service.

  • Highly experienced analysts assessing NRT information 24/7/365
  • Using satellite information collected anywhere, anytime
  • Confirming detected slick (with possible source identification) or a clean sea state.
  • Delivery of fully analysed reports normally between 20-120 minutes after imagery acquisition

The service is mainly based on SAR satellites, which image the sea surface regardless of daylight, cloud cover or other occlusions, and can scan large areas in one image.

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For several years now, KSAT has been supporting the fight against IUU fishing through its industry-leading vessel detection service. Satellite imagery has shown to be very useful when wanting to monitor large ocean areas for vessel activity.

  • SAR is used to detect signatures of the vessels, as it does not require a signal from the vessel.
  • Used in combination with other data sources (Automatic Identification System, optical imagery), it is possible to identify vessels, including those which are non-reporting.
  • Reports with information on vessel position, speed and heading, is provided to the customer in NRT

Vessels engaged in IUU fishing, piracy, smuggling or trafficking of goods or people, often turn off or tamper with their AIS-transponders wanting to hide their activity. We take part in the increasing global response to this worldwide problem.

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The arctic is an increasingly attractive location for a variety of industries - from seismic vessels and global freighters, to the progressively expanding arctic tourism.

KSAT offers an arctic service for rapid delineation of the edge between sea ice and open water, with the use of SAR and optical imagery.

  • Information available in NRT
  • Small geo-referenced files sent to vessels in low-bandwidth conditions
  • Precise info on rapid ice movement, across areas thousands of square kilometres.
  • The latitude = extreme high coverage frequency and delivery

Polar ecosystems are particularly delicate, so the proactive monitoring of oil spills and ice movements has to increase accordingly to the rising activity level.

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