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KSAT provides data handling service to our customers, including archiving, processing and distribution services.

For archiving routines KSAT has developed systems based on experience during many years of earth observation activities at the ground stations in Tromsø and SvalSat. KSAT may utilize the Customer Furnished Equipment necessary to perform the processing and additionally provide the operations and maintenance support.

In order to distribute the data in a rapid and cost-efficient matter, KSAT may provide various types of communication links based on the customer’s needs, such as dedicated communication links, internet and internet with VPN.

KSAT installed two fully redundant and independent fibre cables with physical separation and duplication of equipment and related infrastructure from SvalSat to the Norwegian mainland. Currently, KSAT provides fibre communications solutions from the KSAT Stations to most customer sites in Europe, Asia and the USA. An integrated end to end service including communication links is a solution KSAT provides.

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