Ground Network Services

KSAT is the global leader in providing ground station network services including Telemetry, Tracking and Commanding (TT&C) and Data Acquisition services, with experience all the way back to 1967. With a large number of sites and antennas available, KSAT provides the very high reliability that is needed for critical support of satellite operations.

Earth Observation Services

KSAT supports most of the commercial satellites in orbit and can provide timely imagery and data independent of satellite ownership. With our unique ground station network and experienced analysts, ‘near-real-time’ operational information can often be provided within 30 minutes. KSAT’s multi-mission maritime monitoring services have been provided to coastguards, pollution-control authorities and oil companies since 1998

Global Ground Station Network

KSAT owns and operates three polar ground stations. SvalSat, the world’s largest ground station for polar LEO satellites is located at 78 degrees north. SvalSat is augmented with the Tromsø station and the Troll site in Antarctica. With the new ground stations in Hartebeesthoek, Mauritius, Dubai and Singapore, KSAT offers a global network of stations for all clients.
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