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40 years separates these two images, both showing the installation of a "new" TG1-Tromsø Ground Station nr.1 antenna
Saying hello to something new means saying good-bye to something old and loved. After 40 years of loyal service, our workhorse -the one and only TG1- had to be retired and has now been replaced with a new and modern antenna to serve our customers from Tromsø Ground Station

The first TG1 antenna, a 13 meter, was lifted in place 12th April 1978 and was a significant milestone for the Tromsø station. After faithful service for the next 40 years, the antenna was taken down and retired in April last year. 

For some months the foundation stood strangely empty until a few weeks ago when a skilled team helped by 2 cranes managed to erect a new and modern antenna on the old fundament -in record time.

In darkness and between heavy snow showers, the mirror was cleared of snow, hoisted and fixed in place in just the same time it takes to cross-country ski the track around the ground station. 

The new 9 meter antenna will soon be operational and integrated into the KSAT global ground network, serving our customers for the next 40 years.

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