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KSATLite - The Global Ground Network for Smallsat Constellations
This week we are ready for the 2019 Smallsat Symposium in Mountain View. It is the Fourth year where leaders of the SmallSat industry gather to share the latest trends and collaborate on new developments.

KSAT is a proud partner of the Symposium, have been since the beginning and we are excited about this week´s event;

In between the interesting panels, industry briefs and keynotes we would like to invite you over to our very visible Booth right by the plenary room to talk about THE Ground Network for Smallsat Constellations.

In addition, our leading experts will be on two of the panels, kicking off at 9:30 am on Wednesday with our COO, Arnulf Kjeldsen that will be speaking on Ground System Manufacturers and Service Suppliers. Thursday at 10:00 am, Katherine Monson, Head of KSAT USA will be sharing her views as part of the panel on Ground systems and Spectrum Use and Optical Alternatives. 

Hope to see you there!

Wednesday February 6th, 9:30 am - Ground System Manufacturers and Service Suppliers

We will hear from leaders in these fields as to the what is different with the smallsat ground ecosystem. While significant advancements have been made in the reduction of cost and the increase in sophistication of smallsats, what is going on with the ground system suppliers to keep up with the space-based technology advancements and the less capital intensive business plans? With rapid consolidation in the industry and significant cost and technology advancement pressures, how are the ground system elements keeping up. How “off the shelf” and open network are the ground elements today, and how is the industry evolving. What obstacles are most important to be cautious of, and where to focus in these next stages of growth.

• Arnulf, KSAT
• Rob Call, SSC
• John Finney, Isotropic Systems
• Brad Bode, ATLAS
• Tony Russell, CPI
• Tony Wilkey, AvL

Thursday February 7th, 10:00 am - Ground Systems and Spectrum Use and Optical Alternatives

Is there a shortage of spectrum for smallsat operators? Can spectrum historically used by smallsat operators continue to be coordinated? Are incumbent government or commercial operators incentivized to coordinate spectrum? What can be done to facilitate coordination efforts? Do organizations such as the Commercial Smallsat Spectrum Management Association (CSSMA) have a role to play? Do intersatellite links or optical links provide a solution for possible spectrum scarcity?

• Katherine, KSAT
• Barry Matsumori, BridgeSat
• Ralph Ewig, Audacy 
• Josef Koller, Center for Space Policy and Strategy
• Mark Brady, Clarke Belt 2.0

Full Symposium program here 

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