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On Monday the International Astronautical Federation (IAF) will open the 68th annual International Astronautical Congress (IAC) and KSAT will contribute on opening day with a talk on the highly relevant topic of frequency conjunction

Hosted by the Space Industry Association of Australia (SIAA), IAC 2017 takes place in Adelaide, Australia.

They have promised an intense week during which all space players will gather to discuss the advancement and progress of space in its various features; in particular, this year will be targeting secure access to satellites that provide communications, timing and navigation services and remote sensing data.

Director Ground Network at KSAT, Arne Nylund, will on the opening day have a very relevant talk about the current challenges in managing frequency conjunction from polar orbiting satellites.

As the use of X-band for transmitting large amounts of data from satellite to ground has been the preferred choice, and more polar orbiting satellites find their way into space (fueled by the SmallSat/NewSpace revolution), possible frequency conjunction at ground stations has become an issue.

At KSAT), having extensive experience in operating polar ground stations (Svalbard for the last 20 years and Antarctica for the last 10 years), we are aware that frequency conjunction occurs. To minimize impacts to our customers due to this, we have developed tools to coordinate operations. In addition, as the number of satellites using these stations continue to grow, we are constantly developing new techniques and services to accommodate the higher load.

To hear more about this, make sure to attend the session "Ground Operations - Systems and Solutions"

Time: 15:15, Monday 25 September 

Place: City Room 4, Adelaide Convention Centre

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