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Katherine, here photographed up in NY-Ålesund, the world´s northernmost settlement located at 79´North, when exploring Svalbard together with colleagues and customers a few weeks ago.
Meet Katherine Monson, our new Director of Business Development USA.
Katherine is no stranger to the Space industry. Prior to joining KSAT, Katherine ran the Ground Station Department at Spire, where she was responsible for building out the team that built Spire’s ground station network from zero sites to over twenty-five sites during her time there.

With a background in negotiation consulting, education in economics and public policy, experience serving as a Pentagon fellow for OUSD AT&L, and work experience in management consulting for international High Tech companies – the common denominator for Katherine seems to be highly complex problems in a fast changing world. And a fast changing world is absolutely a fair description of the situation in today´s Space industry.

“We are at a pivotal time in the new space industry,” Katherine says, “we are out of the proof-of-concept stage, and now everyone is demonstrating that NewSpace is commercially viable. To do that, everyone is working smarter and faster. The growth in NewSpace is just incredible and people are so inspiring, teams are tackling problems never before seen.”

Katherine is now working out of the brand-new KSAT and Kongsberg Office in Silicon Valley, together with Stig-Are Thrana. 
“We are so happy to have Katherine join the KSAT team”, says Stig-Are “She is fearless, enthusiastic, and she has a thorough understanding of the NewSpace/SmallSat business. Her unique background gives her an unmatched ability to understand the challenges that our customers might be facing and recommend pathways to success for space to ground operation. We are glad to have her strengthening our team!”

Katherine recently travelled up north to KSAT headquarters in Tromsø, Norway and even made it all the way up to 80 ´North up at Svalbard, together with customers and colleagues.  “I am proud to be at KSAT and aim to make a career here. We have a unique opportunity at KSAT to help build and support this entire industry. With our infrastructure and experience, we can enable our customers to focus on executing their payloads perfectly and pushing the bounds of what is possible. It is an exciting place to get to help everyone in the industry tackle their missions.”

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