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As part of the expansion of the Global Ground Network, KSAT has established a new station in Punta Arenas, Chile. Last week the station was officially inaugurated by Norway´s Ambassador to Chile, Mrs Beate Stirø.
In relation with the Chilean/ Norwegian seminars on "Antarctica; visions and challenges from both hemispheres" a delegation of high level dignitaries was Thursday afternoon gathered at the site in Punta Arenas for the official inauguration of the Chilean Satellite Ground Station Punta Arenas (CSGSP).
The Regional Mayor of Punta Arenas Intendente Regional Don Jorge Flies Añón addressed the delegation, and Mrs Ambassador Stirø performed the traditional breaking of the champagne bottle on the fundament of the first of hopefully many antennas to come. 

The establishment of the CSGSP station in Punta Arenas is an extremely important addition to KSAT´s Global Network. Strategically located on the far south tip of the American continent, it completes the global coverage footprint. The station in Punta Arenas also operates perfectly in concert with the KSAT Antarctic Station, Troll, located at 72 degrees South. They complement each other and in combination, they provide a unique capacity in the southern hemisphere that is unparalleled in the market said Dr. Martin Krynitz, Director of Business Development, KSAT in his welcoming speech. 

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