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KSAT projects videos on one of the antennas and have lighted the OUTdoorSPACE this week at the ground station in Tromsø. With the short movie “TRACE” they can guarantee Northern Lights every night. (Photo: Hugo Isaksen, KSAT)
Since the official inauguration of the installation OUTdoor SPACE (uteROMMET in Norwegian) in the antenna park in Tromsø last week, spectators have gathered every evening on top of the island to see the lit antennas and special video projection at KSAT headquarters.
One of the antenna radomes turns into a unique and polygonal screen when projecting movies on it, and located right by the city´s public cross-country ski track, skiers in all ages are able to enjoy this experience, what you could call a “ski-in cinema”.

KSAT hired an experienced Norwegian light designer to lead the project, and they have invested in professional equipment for both the outdoor lighting and the projector solution. The light designer Tor Ditlevsen from Superlys has been extremely enthusiastic about the project. His background being from stage and music he has brought that approach into the project and used equipment from the theatre world rather than the traditional outdoor and façade lights. Thus, giving visitors to the antenna park a completely different and much more exciting experience of the outdoor space at the Tromsø ground station, than you would with standard outdoor lights. 

KSAT runs a sequence of four videos/movies and one of them is the Northern Lights movie «Trace»

Filmed in Kåfjord and Lyngen by photographer Ørjan Bertelsen and with music by Herman Rundberg and Petter Carlsen. The movie has been shared and liked many times in social media and was recently showed at a snow festival in Japan.

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