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The magazine Innovasjon og Forskning just released a special on Norwegian satellite industry where KSAT´s VP of strategy and international relations, Jan Petter Pedersen (PhD), is interviewed on the impressive growth of the company and the importance of national participation in European space programs to ensure Norwegian influence and a competitive space industry.
In just a few years, KSAT (Kongsberg Satellite Services) has grown its international footprint significantly now operating 119 antennas worldwide. The antennas are all part of the global interconnected ground station network that KSAT operates and controls from their headquarters in Tromsø, Norway. 

The unique ground station up in Svalbard (78´North) is of strategic importance ensuring delivery of time critical information to end users all over the world for pollution control, vessel and climate monitoring as well as providing input to both European and American weather forecasts. 

-In Norway, we have invested a lot in the European Copernicus program and some ask why. The main reasons are that this investment ensures Norwegian users the ability to influence data collection and that it ensures Norwegian industry assignments related to the program says Jan Petter Pedersen.

- Everyone acknowledges that we cannot live off oil alone in the future. The Norwegian satellite industry is competitive, both on technology and on innovative solutions and has a strong academic environment.  

Pedersen emphasizes that it is important that Norway continues to invest in this area and participates in various European programs through ESA, Copernicus and Gallileo. This will give Norwegian companies better competitive opportunities internationally and ensure access to data that specifically meets Norwegian needs. 

Full article (in Norwegian)

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