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Satellite images of the Macondo oil spill in April 2010 (TerraSAR-X ©DLR 2010)
Satellites play an ever more important role in oil spill preparedness and response by providing quick and reliable oil spill detections independent of geography, daylight or cloud cover.
A globalized market, stricter regulations by governments and increased scrutiny by the public are urging operating oil companies and preparedness and response organizations to set up and improve their current oil spill detection and monitoring procedures. 

In Norway Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellite imagery has been used operationally for over 20 years and as of from 1.October this year all installations on the Norwegian Continental Shelf must be monitored daily by satellite. 

The Norwegian oil spill detection service is provided by KSAT worldwide and end users in i.e. Australia and Gulf of Mexico benefits from the service development done in Norway. One of the challenges using satellites has been frequency and update intervals. With current developments in the satellite industry, satellite coverage will be provided more frequently and updated information will be available even faster, thus improving the capacities in the case of acute pollution.

KSAT will present at Clean Gulf 2016 on the advantages of using satellite imagery to detect and monitor oil spills, share the experiences from 20 years of operations and focus on the current small satellite boom in the industry and how that will affect the end user community´s demand for updated information . 

Wednesday, November 02

Session 6C: Surveillance - Manned Airborne, Satellite, and Fixed Detection, Room 25

1:30 : “Oil Spill Detection and Response Using Satellite Imagery” 

(by Paul Whitaker, Director of Strategy, KSAT)

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