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KSAT will talk about how advanced satellite technology can be used for environmental monitoring in the Arctic on Monday´s breakout session "Oil prevention and SAR in the Arctic"

The Arctic Frontiers conference 2016 brings “everyone” to Tromsø this week. The participants will discuss the balance between resource utilization and preservation, and between industrial and environmental interests in the Arctic. As a provider of technology made for extreme conditions, KSAT will actively take part in the discussions on what role will existing and emerging technologies play in making industrial development profitable and environmentally friendly, securing a sustainable growth scenario for Arctic communities. 

Monday 25. January the breakout session “Oil spill prevention and SAR in the Arctic” lead by the Norwegian Coastal Administration and the Norwegian Space Centre, will focus on challenges related to operations in the Arctic, both relating to personnel security (Search and Rescue) and environmental protection(oil spills). Jan Petter Pedersen, Vice President at KSAT, will talk about the role of the European Satellite Program Copernicus; the importance of Norway participating in the program, and how today´s satellite technology can be a valuable tool for environmental monitoring and support of operations in the Arctic.

14:20 – 17:00: Oil spill prevention and SAR in the Arctic

Location: UIT - SVHUM B1005

Hosted by The Norwegian Coastal Administration & Norwegian Space Centre

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