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Svalbard SpaceRun
On Saturday, August 27, you will get the opportunity to run up to the world's largest and northernmost satellite station under the midnight sun. The reward from reaching the summit is a spectacular view of entire Isfjorden.
This weekend at Svalbard, the first ever vertical race this far north will take place in Longyearbyen.


Svalbard SpaceRun is the northernmost vertical race in the world, taking place at 78´North. The race is 8,5 kilometers long and 400 meters in elevation gain.

As a main sponsor to Svalbard Turn, we at KSAT are happy to host a unique finish up at the Svalbard Satellite Ground Station at the Platå Mountain where we are receiving satellite data from anywhere in the world on a daily basis. 

Being in the Arctic there will of course be armed polarbear guards placed along the route for protection and at this time of year one can still experience the midnightsun.

A tough, but fun challenge for everyone who loves uphill running!

To enter this new and exiting event Saturday 27. August

Contact for registration and more information 

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