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Access your satellites Anywhere, Anytime through KSATlite -our global ground network solution tailored to the SmallSat market
- Available now!

KSAT owns and operates 20 uniquely positioned ground stations that span all the way from 78 degrees north in Svalbard,  through mid-latitudes to 72 degrees south in Antarctica.

By deploying ground stations and creating a ready-to-use platform, we have created viable technical solutions at affordable price points and developed new business models, all leading to KSAT becoming a preferred ground station provider for the NewSpace industry, an industry that embraces new methods of approaching space and are highly motivated by competition.

Read more about KSATLite in SatMagazine:

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Hope to see you at SmallSat 2016!

You´ll find us at Booth #99 and at Tuesday´s “Munch and Mingle” event

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