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SmartShip – A new student summer project in 2018 focusing on Autonomous Ships.

In 2018, Kongsberg Maritime, Kongsberg Digital and the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment is introducing a brand new student summer project called «SmartShip». 

The project will focus on enabling technologies for autonomous sailing, operating autonomous ships and developing smart algorithms using machine learning and AI for autonomous ships. 

The project is a collaboration between three student teams of 4-7 students each where each team focuses on different aspects of this concept.


Autonomous Control

One team will be located at KONGSBERGs facilities in Horten, where the work is related to the autonomy controller that is running on the ship. The goal for the summer is to integrate the autonomy controller on-board a vehicle, and make it sail autonomously at sea outside our facilities.

Autonomous Fleet Control Centre

The second team will also be located in Horten, and will focus on the concept of remote supervision and control of autonomous ships, including elements of ship monitoring, situational awareness and human-machine interaction.

Cloud Solutions

The third team will mainly be located in Asker, and will focus on decision support for autonomous fleet operators, image recognition as a part of situational awareness and digiitalization and communication from ships to shore via the cloud utilizing the KONGSBERG digital platform KognifAI.

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  • Autonomous Control - Stian Michael Kristoffersen tlf 971 37 388 
  • Autonomous Fleet Control Centre - Per Gunnar Berg tlf 977 15 560
  • Cloud Solutions - Espen Wøien tlf 952 80 115
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