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A BOC is an advanced Battle Management Command Control Communication Computerization and Information (BMC4I) center for coordinating and optimizing the use of subordinated Ground Based Air Defense (GBAD) units.


  • State-of-the-Art Battle Management, Command and Control
  • Integrating GBAD systems with higher echelon in national and international operation
  • Proven Engagement Operation functionality for optimum Weapon Control and Employment
  • Extensive Force Operation functionality to include Planning and Decision Support Functions
  • Communication Configuration and Data Link Management
  • Recognized real time air picture
  • Embedded Simulations and Training
  • Modular Open-architecture, COTS-based workstations

BOC compensates for the weaknesses that inevitably will be present when operating more than one individual system. Integrating different weapon systems, the BOC increases the total fire power due to the synergistic effects, coordinates, prioritizes targets, prevents overkill or under-kill and ultimately prevent engagement of friendly aircraft.

The BOC will provide the necessary awareness throughout the transition phases. Providing mission planning facilities, Integration of Air Defense Systems and Early Warning Sensors, friend protection, sensor management EMCON, weapon allocation and assignment of subordinate weapon systems make the BOC a key player in the integrated and digitized air defense battlefield.

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