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After moving to the ideal location at 78´North, Airbus Defence and Space now has full orbit coverage for all their satellites from KSAT Svalbard Ground Station.
KSAT has implemented Ground Station services out of the Svalbard Satellite Station for Airbus Defence and Space. The unique location at 78´North ensures a complete coverage that provides access to every orbit - 14 of 14 - for SPOT and Pléiades satellites. 

The KSAT Svalbard Satellite Station is the only station in the world that can access all orbits and the unique location next to the North Pole will provide rapid access to data for Airbus and all its customers.

KSAT is dedicated to providing innovative and cost efficient Ground Station Solutions to meet the needs of the growing commercial satellite industry. The solution provided to Airbus Defence and Space offers great flexibility on the mission planning and data acquisition process and the one–stop-shop concept provides a homogenous and global service with reliability to the customers. 

Being able to acquire data from all passes in one place makes it possible for Airbus Defence and Space to significantly reduce the time from data collection to delivery of information to the customer. Rapid access to data is crucial for Airbus and its customers, and the solutions provided by KSAT at the Svalbard Satellite Station are optimal to cater for this.

KSAT is extremely happy to provide Airbus with such a capability and is looking forward to expanding cooperation between the two companies. 


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